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With extensive expertise around Commercial Real Estate in Ventura County and a distinct understanding of how local companies operate in Ventura, our expert team of brokers and real estate agents can integrate a wide range of services with creative approaches to meet your commercial real estate needs. Real Investments is a leading commercial real estate broker in Ventura County. Call us today!

Real Investments continues to play a vital role in our local real estate market!"

Real Investments

Commercial Real Estate Broker in Ventura County

Michael H. Hernandez & Associates are proud to offer you the very best in commercial, industrial, and residential real estate throughout the Ventura County area. We are a leading commercial real estate broker in Ventura County and we are ready to serve you today.

Experience Increased Commercial Real Estate Property Value Through Our Management

Our property management and sales services are focused on helping owners maintain and increase the value of their existing properties and facilitate additional revenue.

Streamline Your Commercial Real Estate Sales Process

Our project management often includes renovations, remodels, customization, and exclusive features as desired.

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Whether your need is for a practical commercial property for business or light manufacturing, or a quality residential property for occupation or investment, we are certain that we can help you realize your goals.

Michael and Steve strive for win-win negotiations to manage your investments. They possess a unique understanding of commercial real estate business potential and limitations in the area. Great staff. Ask for Gabby or Kat, excellent customer service.

Carmen Lazcano Ventura, CA

I was extremely impressed by the resourcefulness that the Real Investments team brought to my project. From the office staff to brokers, there was a consistent effort to bring new value to my property and I'm glad to be working with Michael and his team!

Corey McCarthy Hollywood Beach, CA

Real Investments provides a unique set of services in a fast growing and dynamic market. Their property management has increased the value and curb appeal through practical decisions made by their team. If you are considering a property management company, Real Investments is it!

Peter H. Malibu, CA

    Are You Looking For A Commercial Real Estate Broker in Ventura County?

    Look no further! Our team has a unique interest and experience in commercial properties and commercial real estate in Ventura County, including quality resorts, ranch, and beach area properties at the higher end of the market. We’ve developed an extensive network of investors and industry contacts that help us leverage collaboration and unique opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable. Unlike many commercial real estate brokers in the area who market entry-level or mid-range properties, we represent buyers who have no difficulty qualifying for loans in the multi-million range for their investments in the Ventura County area. These buyers are well educated in market trends and investment property management and will recognize the unique opportunities now available during this current market of commercial real estate in Ventura County. If you are looking for an experienced, and well-connected commercial real estate broker in Ventura County that has experience with 1031 Tax-deferred exchanges as well as other commercial real estate management methods, look no further.